Day Number Thirty.  CREATING A BLOG!

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Here we are, the last day of 30 day challenge! Thank you everyone for encouraging me and sharing with me my dreams coming true, in spite of some childish, naive ones. I keep doing every challenge that I started, as you see. I’m the lucky one, I have a lot of polite, gentle, open-minded, the most intellectual friends. I decided to make a better me and you are here with me. Special thanks to them who have criticized me I appreciate that too;)
As a last challenge I dare to create a blog in order to record and share most beautiful moments with you. So it’s not a “Goodbye!”.

It was hard to decide create or not a blog. Because so much attention made me uncomfortable and somehow spiritually “naked”. So wanted to discuss this with one, who is not ordinary and precious to me, he said:”I never take seriously a girl who runs a blog. If look from outside it feels like she is alone and I feel pity for her.” So I decided “I should run a blog!”:)) Not to make him wrong, but to make myself right. Yes I’m alone but don’t dare you pity me. I have a lot to share, I haven’t met yet my soulmate. So up to soulmate be with me with my blog:)

Every time when I have to fill graph “about me” I get confused. You will get to know me day by day. Just wish me good luck! From now on I’m officially a blogger! I’ve been wanting to create a blog for right time, and I announce today is the right day! And with my “Try Something New in 30 Days” adventure I feel like I finally have enough cause and time to start one. The blog is going to mostly be about my adventures and life lists, but I’m sure I will post about more than that. I’m the owner so I can post about whatever I want right? Right.

P.S. I’ll post in English, Kazakh, Russian, Turkish. It depends on my mood. So be ready for it or learn languages;)

8 May, 2014.

Day Number Twenty Nine.  ARCHERY. 


Today I wanted to be a feminist, a badass chick! In order to feel that went to do archery. Amazons were women warriors who are the legendary archers. Every very woman has a Amazons blood in her who is the tough-as-nails girl who can easily pin down somebody with the sharp accuracy of her bow and arrow. Archery may not be a popular sport, but it definitely has physical benefits. Think about it, your pulling back up to 60 pounds of weight.

7  May, 2014.


From now on I have a new challenge, a new hobby, collecting banknotes! I have a major purpose, to collect banknotes from every country in the world! So I have a long life and 196 countries in the world as today to collect from. I already have a dream-project to travel to every capital in the world. So, I’ll kill two birds with one stone. So hungry to live, to achieve my goals! Happy that I said yes to this 30 day challenge, if not maybe I never decide to start notaphily.

Collecting banknotes a hobby that gives you pleasure (everyone loves money, I love smell them:) ). I think it’s about finding something that you like or adding to those that you already own, or it is making a discovery (even if someone else has made the same discovery). There may be a specific subject – politicians, architect, birds, reptiles, waterfalls, transport, military, errors. Doctors may collect medicine, etc. Mine is a little bit different, I’ll collect from every country in the world, so I have a limit that usually not common in this field of hobby. 

It’s a good time to start collecting banknotes, I’m a student who studies with a bunch of foreigners.

P.S. I need your attendance guys, please sell me your banknotes, I’ll give whatever it will be in TL. 

5 May, 2014.

Day Number Twenty Six. BUNGEE JUMPING!


WOW what a buzz! This has to be done!! Bungee jumping is a whole new level of adventure, facing fear and adrenaline rushes! I was a little bit nervous but the guys there where amazing and friendly they gave me the best advice and a lot of encouragement! This experience for me was so amazing. I thought in first place I can’t do it but still I make it. I highly recommend this to my friends and to other. Just want to thank all the team of Bungee Jumping Istanbul. Still can’t believe it, I did it! I must be some special type of crazy!:)) This adventure from my list called “100 things to do before I die”;) It felt like I’m gonna die…

What a feeling! I highly recommend EVERYONE to go and do it yourself!

4 May, 2014.

Day (Night) Number Twenty Five. MALE STRIP SHOW in GAY CLUB! 


Yeah, I did. I went there. It’s normal (natural) wanting to watch male strip, I’m not hiding my curiosity or be embarrassed about it, but also it doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with or liked it. I just had to! The first time I went to a male strip club, I was astonished and dismayed at the behavior of my gender. It was embarrassing. Some of them were having their bachelorette parties. I will not, definitely.

3 May, 2014.

Day Number Twenty Four. Gun Shooting! 


Can you believe it?! I fired a gun! I’m super excited. Today I fired my first gun here. I had an hour shooting lesson, a box of ammo, 2 targets and an instructor. Upon arriving my trainer took a guess that I was the newbie looking for lessons since my eyes were wide peering at all the guns decorating the walls and the booms emanating from the nearby range:) Instructor immediately asked my experience level and suggested a .22 handgun so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. After a short lesson I went straight to the range, had a very private experience as we went behind a closed range. I popped off ten rounds fairly quickly and was quite impressed with myself;) It’s true that I’m a hunter’s daughter:) Proud to be daddy’s daughter.

The staff members are extremely friendly and most importantly the instructor is brilliant! I’m honored to shoot my first bullet here. I highly recommend you to go, you’ll never regret!

2 May, 2014.

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Day Number Twenty Three. Fun in The Mud.


There is a baby in me, there is a baby in you too, who wants to play with clay as we did when all of us were kids to get know this world by touching ground and playing with it. Clay workshops focus on your desire to create, therefore demonstrations are kept to a ‘less talk, more play’ philosophy. Working with clay requires a lot more patience and concentration. Some say that clay workshops good for stress therapy. With all the technology that is part of my daily life, I find arts and sport help me stay grounded. The act of creating slows me down and makes me think. There’s something special about working with your hands.

1 May, 2014.





Day Number Twenty Two. IN ANIMAL SHELTER!


There isn’t going to be a lot more I can say about this place. Awesome place and an awesome visit. The animals are well cared for, and the place is well laid out. The Animal Shelter is worth a special trip to visit!!! 
This shelter is to help the animals. Mostly they are left in the streets by their previous owners and collected by the municipality. The stories behind some of these animals are horrific. Bad enough to make you kind of embarrassed to be associated with other humans. However, it’s super awesome to see the animals relaxed, with much much more space than in the streets of Istanbul. 

I love dogs. Someday in the future when I settle down I present to myself a beautiful puppy. 

30 April, 2014.

Day Number Twenty One. RUGBY!


First time in my life tried, learned and played rugby. I love it. It was amazing. For the first time rugby can appear to be a chaotic collection of indecipherable movements but in reality, rugby is highly technical and organized with specific laws. So today I have been recruited to join the team. They actually seem to take it pretty seriously–it’s well organized and we are going to participate tournaments very soon. I’m really excited about it. The thing is, I haven’t ever played before. Mind you, I’m nit familiar with the game; I’ve always been interested in playing but never had a chance. 

I love sport. I’m happy I’m going to earn one more.

29 April, 2014.